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IA-Manchester AGM held at the Mayo Building Salford Royal Hospital On Saturday 12th May 2018.

Main topics were.

     [1]      Report on the NC18 held at the Ashford International Kent  on, 14-15- April 2018,


    [1A]   Chairmans report.

The Agenda covered upcoming important Issues affecting the Administration both of IA Manchester and Head Office IA Association as a whole; shortly when we will become a Branch Member; however, prior to that event – and you will receive further information in due course of our status; there is also the matter of   the imminent concept of a new secure Database system being introduced by The Government – GDRP  or General Database Protection Regulation 2018 on 25th May

Your Committee attended the National Council Annual Meeting in Ashford Kent recently  and all members will receive in the forthcoming 2 Issues of the quarterly Journal – further information regarding the methods to be adopted to protect your rights regarding the way we manage and process your Personal  Details.

     [2]  Treasurers report.

     [3]  Secretaries report.


Photo’s of the event

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