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IA-Manchester AGM held at the Mayo Building Salford Royal Hospital On Saturday 13th May 2017.

Main topics were.

     [1]      Report on the NC17 held at the Marriott Hotel in  Bristol on 31st March, 1-2- April 2017,


    [1A]   Chairmans report.

This was a most important meeting to judge the member’s reactions to the forthcoming re-structuring of the IA as an Association of some 49 Membership Charitable Organisations to that of a single Charity. As well as a summary of the year’s Events and Accounts, your Chairman gave a brief presentation of the events both leading up to the Re-structuring, as well as the recommendations to the Membership following their acceptance by The National Council and some 49 Membership Organisations. Obviously we will keep all Members up to speed with forthcoming events and decisions.

     [2]  Treasurers report.

     [3]  Secretaries report.

     [4]  Visiting report.

     [5]  Webmaster and Newsletter reports.

     [6]  Hyfrecator 200 machine demonstration by Salford Royal  Specialist Stoma care nurses

           Ben   Mcdermott  and  Zoe  Yarwood.

Photo’s of the event

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